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Terms of Service

Terms of Service

1. Comply with the membership rules and legal regulations:

You understand that after you register as a member, you can use the various services provided by the company (hereinafter referred to as the service). When a member uses the service, he/she agrees to accept the company’s restrictions on member specifications (including rules of the game, rules of the game betting, announcements, matters needing attention, etc.) and relevant laws and regulations, in addition to agreeing to comply with these terms of service. For the company’s chief entertainment company’s products and customer service, software systems, network architecture and other related business matters, please use the service of the members please comply with the user’s local laws and regulations, if there is any violation of the service is not responsible for the scope.

2. Service Introduction

a. The company aims to create a “safe and reliable”, “instant convenience”, “fair and fair”, “professional operation” of high-quality entertainment service platform, emphasizing that members are not limited by time and space, 24 hours at any time on the line can participate A fair and fair game can also enjoy the fun of playing with players from all over the world. We uphold the attitude of being customer-oriented, constantly developing and innovating and understanding customer needs is the company’s proud business philosophy. The new entertainment value and the purpose of achieving multi-universal popularity have become an entertainment website with leading indicators. b. Virtual currency bank services: The company provides online gold payment platform, and the points you purchase will enjoy the services of the company’s platform. If you use a hypocrisy to carry out “stored value,” the company will also reserve the right to terminate your membership at any time and use the services.

3. Real login obligations:

Based on the various services provided by the company, you agree to register your personal data which is correct, true and complete at the time of registration, according to the items indicated in the registration application process; when your personal data is changed, please update it immediately. Maintain the correctness, truthfulness and completeness of your personal data. If you log in false information or use the name of another person to violate the rights of others or violate the law, you should take the legal responsibility. You also agree that the personal data you provide is not true or personal data are changed but not updated so that the original When the registration information does not match, the company reserves the right to terminate your membership and use all member services at any time.

4. Stop and change of service:

a. Member login information is false.

b. Apply for this service in the name of another person.

c. In violation of the principle of fair play.

d. When participating in a game or competition, intentionally delve into system vulnerabilities or exploit game weaknesses to affect the results.

e. Violation of these Terms of Service.

f. The company does not allow unfair betting, bilateral betting, risk-free betting and any risk-free thawing betting method. If any player discovers the above problem, the company has the right to terminate the player’s account. If there is any dispute, the company has the final decision. In any case, the service will stop or change the service or terminate the membership account service may cause confusion, inconvenience or damage, the service is not responsible for any members or third parties.

5. Service suspension or interruption:

(1) The company may suspend or suspend all or part of this service in one of the following situations, and shall not be liable for any liability to the user: 1. When the relevant system equipment of this service is relocated, replaced or maintained. 2. Service interruption or interruption due to non-imputation of the company. 3. Service stoppage or interruption due to force majeure

(2) If the company must suspend or interrupt all or part of the service for the relocation, replacement or maintenance of the relevant system equipment of this website, the company will E-mail notification or announcement on this site.

(3) The suspension or interruption of this service may cause inconvenience in your use, loss of data or other economic and time-related losses. You should take appropriate protective measures in order to protect your rights and interests.

6. Custody obligations:

The member is obliged to properly maintain the account number and password on this site, and is responsible for all activities carried out after the group account and password have been entered into the system. In order to protect the members’ own rights and interests, please do not reveal the account number and password or provide it to a third party, or lend or transfer it to others.

7. Agree to the various games and rules of the game:

In order to avoid any disputes when users play games or games on the platform, the rules are described in detail in the game center and the game center. Please be sure to read the rules specified in this service in detail. Once members start using the service, they will be Considered to have accepted all the regulations.

8. Updated and revised membership specifications:

In the event of an update or modification of this Terms of Service, you agree to be bound by the terms of this amendment as of the date of its posting on this site. This site will not notify members individually. If you continue to use the Service after the announcement, you are deemed to have agreed to the revised terms.

9. Privacy Statement:

We are committed to protecting customers’ privacy and providing a safest gaming platform. The information we collect on this website will provide you with the best service. We will not sell or lease your personal information to third parties. Personal data is processed through SSL128 encryption technology and stored in a secure, non-public operating system. We also need to comply with the privacy rules and regulations of our partners who have access to personal data of customers.

10. Disclaimer:

Some regions or national laws have not yet made clear the legality of online gambling, and even certain regions or countries have explicitly regulated online gambling as illegal. We do not intend to invite anyone to illegally use this service platform in these regions or countries. The user must determine whether the use of online gambling is legal in the region or country where you live, and take full responsibility. Members who use the service are required to comply with the user’s local laws and regulations. Any violation is not the responsibility of the company.