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Related Rules

Related rules

Please read carefully the following legal terms relating to the 88CHIEF. Please read it carefully and make sure you fully understand its content. If you have any questions about the rights and obligations of your terms, please seek advice from a legal counsel in your jurisdiction.

General terms and conditions

Before registering to use the 88CHIEF services covered by the Terms and Conditions, please confirm that you are 18 years of age or older and you represent Ensure that you have read and fully understand and agree to accept and abide by these rules and terms. If you do not wish to accept the following rules and terms, you will never be able to register and open an account, you will not be able to access the game software and get the appropriate service. All product information, website registrations, and any services provided by 88CHIEF are subject to these Terms and Conditions. 88CHIEF reserves the absolute right to amend, update and modify these Terms and Conditions from time to time. Any such revisions, updates or modifications described above will be published in the Terms and Conditions on the 88CHIEF website. These Terms and Conditions and the Gaming Rules, as amended, updated or modified, are effective when published on the Gaming Website. The User continues to use, connect and participate in the Gaming Service through the Gaming Site and Gaming Equipment following the publication of the above amendments, updates or modifications, and the User agrees to and accepts the published modified or updated Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions represent the final cooperation agreement between you and 88CHIEF and supersede all previous agreements between you and 88CHIEF. Please confirm that you have read and agree to these terms and conditions. If you have any doubts or objections to the agreement or the agreement on the 88CHIEF website, this Agreement will prevail. Before allowing you to participate in the 88CHIEF Games, we have the right to ask you for a valid proof of your identity and age.


This agreement covers all relevant agreements between you and us, which are related to your use of casinos to play real money games or virtual currency games and other games. All product information, website registrations, and any services provided by 88CHIEF are subject to these Terms and Conditions. The rules of the game are listed in the 88CHIEF, software and other sections of the website, including but not limited to rules that introduce gameplay, tournaments and all other rules that apply to specific games, events, tournaments, and all of these rules.

Legal requirements

You can use the 88CHIEF website only if you meet the legal age required by the laws of your country of residence. If you are under the age of 18, you may not use the 88CHIEF website under any circumstances. Some jurisdictions do not claim the legality of online gambling, while others explicitly stipulate that online gambling is illegal. We have not attempted to allow anyone in the area to use casinos and websites. The availability of the 88CHIEF website does not explain that we provide or encourage you to use the 88CHIEF websites in any country, including countries that are prohibited by law. The 88CHIEF websites may not be used anywhere prohibited by applicable law. You agree to be solely responsible for determining the legality of the use of the casino in your country of residence. These Terms and Conditions represent the final cooperation agreement between you and 88CHIEF and supersede all previous agreements with you to negotiate with 88CHIEF. Please confirm that you have read and agree to these terms and conditions. Although the above rules are suitable for general situations, you cannot use our Premier Casino if you are in Singapore, Taiwan, Guadeloupe, Israel, Cyprus, Estonia, Bulgaria, US Territories, Hong Kong, France and the Netherlands Antilles The archipelago “is prohibited from jurisdiction.

Account Terms of Use

If there is any problem with the member’s account, 88CHIEF reserves the right to suspend the member’s account until the result is obtained. Any dispute must be filed in writing and stated on the date, time and detailed dispute and sent by email to (88CHIEF) will take all reasonable steps to treat the member’s dispute until the investigation resolves all disputes . 88CHIEF has reason to suspend or cancel your account at any time without notice. When you cancel your account balance, your account still has a balance, and the balance will be returned to you through the withdrawal method you originally selected. At the same time, 88CHIEF reserves the right to clear or confiscate any bonuses or benefits in your Premier Casino account. You need to keep your account and password secure. No other person or third party, including any minor, may use or re-use your Premier Casino account for any website access and betting operations. The 88CHIEF Casino will have the right to refuse to pay any rewards or bonuses arising therefrom. You are solely responsible for all losses incurred by third parties in your Premier Casino account. You agree that we have all the financial cashiers (deposits and withdrawals). You also agree that if we have reason to believe that you have any suspects involved in collusion, fraud, illegal activities. We will reserve the right to hold your payment. You agree to pay any payments that should be paid to us, including payments to our online casino through third parties. At the same time, you agree that you will not make any claims or cancel the payment that should have been paid to us, and you will also be responsible for the costs incurred during the transaction. Note that if deposits and withdrawals are processed through an electronic money package or credit card, this account information must match your 88CHIEF registration information. No third party transactions will be allowed. You can withdraw any current available balance and it will take 2-4 business days for funds to be transferred to your account. In any way, we will, at our discretion, deduct the handling fee incurred during the transaction. We will check the player database to find the “hibernation” account. Any funds in this account can be withdrawn. If your account is considered a hibernation account, we will attempt to contact you with your registration message, such as an email, handwritten letter or phone call. If we fail to contact you successfully, 12 months later, you will be asked to prove your identity. We reserve the right to process accounts that have been archived for security reasons in the same way. If we fail to get in touch for more than 12 months, you must provide us with a request to prove your identity. Players should abide by the Service User Code and must not play any game other than the game attached program, or any changes to the original program and system data, values, packages, lock and unlock system settings (including any games involved) . It is forbidden to publicly or privately distribute any game bugs that exist and can be used. Please report to the official immediately when you find such problems. “Unfair advantage” shall include, but is not limited to, the use of the company’s or any of the software services (including any games involved) associated with the third party, errors, loopholes, mistakes; use in skill games or any other possible prohibited conduct. Bots; use of the third-party software or analysis system; the use of the terms defined in the mistakes, this error is beneficial to the user or to the company or other parties. The company determines that member bets are abnormal (including any games involved) and the company has the right (other than any other remedy) to freeze or suspend the user’s account and conduct further investigation. Any violation of the above provisions, the company has the right to warn the offenders according to the seriousness of the circumstances, stop the payment or freeze the account penalties; this contract provides otherwise, there is a fact that the player violates the game management rules in this game At the time, the company will announce the game website or the game, and notify the player by online instant messaging or by email. If the company is notified of improvement and has not improved, the company may limit the player’s game use rights according to the rules of the game according to the rules of the game management. Collusion, cheating, fraud, and criminal conduct The following website-related behavioral matters (any one): Abuse of bonuses and other concessional funds using unfair external factors and influences (referred to as cheating) to obtain unfair benefits by opening duplicate accounts for fraud and Criminal acts, all of which are prohibited, users must strictly abide by, otherwise it is considered a violation of the terms. The company will do its utmost to supervise and contain the above belief that once the user violates the terms, the company will immediately find out the relevant violators. According to the losses caused by this, the company will not bear any responsibility and has the final decision. The company reserves the right to withdraw or modify the bonus or modify the offer and related terms and conditions at any time, and is not responsible for explaining the instructions to the client or third party.

Bet rule

Accept and confirm the bet

  1. Player account
    Players need to make a deposit before placing a bet. If the player is found to have not made a successful deposit or successfully transferred, their account bets will be considered invalid.
  2. Confirm the bet
    Once a successful bet is placed on the 88CHIEF website, cancellation cannot be made. Only by notice, the customer can cancel the bet according to the settlement rules due to invalid bets or wrong results.

The accuracy of the bet record

Please ensure the accuracy of your bets and we will not be liable for any errors or omissions in your betting on this website.

Bet deduction/unsettled bet

The bet will be deducted at the time of your bet, regardless of whether the result is confirmed or not. The Premier Casino will not refund the gold that has been placed but not yet open. Bets and winnings will be settled after the game is completely over. If the requirements are met, the payout amount will be credited to the member’s account immediately.

Bet distribution

The winnings will be automatically distributed to each player’s account. The account update will not be used as a basis for profit or transfer. If the customer finds fraud or misuse during the account, 88CHIEF will retain the portion. The profit is cancelled and the power of each member’s account balance is revised in turn.

Member’s duty on winnings

Any taxes or other expenses incurred as a result of the winnings shall be borne by the member. 88CHIEF complies with the relevant legal provisions and will detain any number of balances in the member’s account and notify the member. The winning amount cannot be transferred, replaced or used to request any other winning amount.


The minimum bet depends on the different games. Suitable for all games.


First, the member is limited to one member account. If the member repeatedly finds the account behavior, if more than one account is used for the game, the risk control department will find that it will stop. The same name / account / phone number / IP location / shared computer / network environment, only apply once.
Second, in the gymnasium to carry out water arbitrage, the score hole and the plug-in program once found by the audit department, will stop the processing and confiscate the points.