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Enjoying the services provided by the Chief Entertainment City is the will of the member himself, and the risk should be borne by the member himself. When participating in our services, it means that the members agree that the services provided by the Chief Entertainment City are normal, reasonable, fair and equitable.

If the gambling in accordance with the member’s local laws is illegal, the Chief Entertainment City does not encourage you to participate in our services. The chief casino of any country where gambling is regarded as unlawful is not advocating its nationals to join. If the member violates local laws by participating in the services of the chief entertainment city, the chief entertainment city shall not be held liable.

Although the Chief Entertainment City endeavors to ensure that the site provides 24-hour service, the Chief Entertainment Company is not responsible for any irresistible factors that prevent you from accessing the site (for example, server attacks, submarine cable damage, etc.). Or, due to delays, breaches of contract, or failure to provide services due to third-party services provided on the company’s website and information (such as providers of wireless communications), the Chief Entertainment City does not provide guarantee nor liability.

Chief Entertainment City Entertainment assumes no responsibility (whether directly or indirectly) for:

1. Loss of profits
2. Loss of business
3. Loss of income
4. Loss of opportunity
5. Loss of data
6. Loss of goodwill or reputation
7. Any special, indirect or consequential loss

The Chief Entertainment City does not provide any express or implied warranty for the services it currently provides, nor does it provide any warranty or explanation for the quality, suitability, completeness or accuracy of its services.

The Chief Entertainment City has the absolute right to temporarily suspend, terminate, modify, delete or add the service content temporarily or permanently, without notifying the member, and is not responsible for any loss resulting from it.

Some of the information on the site is related to the date and time of its release. Therefore, after a certain date and time, the relevant information may no longer be accurate and true, and the Chief Casino does not promise to update the project. The Chief Entertainment City will not be held responsible for any loss caused by its timeliness